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It depends. The girl likes the guy and he won't ask her out? The girl defiantly should ask the guy out. If the guy really likes the girl? The guy should go ahead and ask her out.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-18 13:41:48
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Q: Should boys ask you out or should a girl ask a boy out?
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Should the boy ask the girl out?

It depends. If a girl really likes a boy, then she should go for it and ask him out.AnswerYes, Girls should never ask boys out! Never! thats not how it goes!

Should people should continue learning girls should ask boys out?

No! I mean, it Depends on who is comfortabl with what but I'm a girl and I have never and will never ask a boy out because I am a classic romantic and boys should get courage and ask girls.

I broke a boys heart and i didn't mean to what do i do?

you know wat you should do you should go up to him and ask him out that is wat I did to a girl.

Who should ask the other out first boys or girls?

A girl thinks its more traditional for the boy to ask and a boy likes it when a girl asks.

Where should you ask a girl out?

Girls are really scared to ask boys out becuzz there a girl and they think jis becuz ur a boy ur suppose to lik them and ask them out fisrt but sum boys lik girls to ask them out first!

You like this girl but you think a lot of other boys like her what should you do to get her?

There is a chance that this girl does not know that a lot of boys do not like her. To get her, start talking to her and ask for her number. yes i agree

Is it right for a woman to ask a guy out?

a guy should ask a girl out a girl should never ask a guy out......:D

Should Shannon ask John out?

No never should a girl ask out a guy

You know this girl likes you and you like her what should you do?

You should ask her out!

Should i ask out this girl in my class?

If you really like her then you should.

Should a girl askout a boy?

i always thought a boy should ask the girl out.

When should you ask for a girl's phone number?

well, you should ask for a girl' s phone number if you like her or you think you might have a chance with her and she might just like you then you should ask her.

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