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a guy should ask a girl out a girl should never ask a guy out......:D

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Q: Is it right for a woman to ask a guy out?
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How do you know the right time to ask a guy out?

when both you and the guy are getting along well then its the right time to ask him same applys if a guy wants to do that too

How do you ask a guy out in person?

Just find the right time and ask him.

Cute questions to ask a guy?

Ask him what kind of guy he is and what he likes and like to do and ask him if he likes any one right now.

Is it weird for a girl to ask a guy to a dance?

Heck no! I'd be thrilled for a woman to ask me to dance.

Is it appropriate for a woman to ask for an engagement ring?

What do you think?Guy should do it :')

How do you know if the guy you like is really the right guy?

Then you should ask him out. Or be his friend and talk to him for a while and after that ask him out. Its that simple!

what is it when a guy likes you and he take forever to ask you out?

If a guy likes you but he is taking forever to ask you out, chances are he is shy. Try asking him out, instead. Be a liberated woman.

How can a woman tell if a guy loves her?

Ask him "What do I do for you?" make your own personal decision from his answer.

Why would a man ask you to have his baby?

well maybe the guy wants you to have his baby because he wants to be with you and start a family with you...most guys that ask that question are ready to settle down with the woman that they think is right for them.

How do you ask a guy if we are dating?

"SO (name), were going out right?"

When is the right time to ask a woman out?

After being friends for awhile.

How do you ask a boy for advice?

well it depends advice for what and you should ask your closest guy friend You are doing it right now, it's that easy. I'm a guy and you just asked me how to ask a guy for advice. Just ask him what he thinks about a situation.

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