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It depend to how long and how it started, but yes she needs to confess to this woman. Especially if this woman doesn't know what's going on. And what about the cheating wife's husband, what did he do to be betrayed by her.

If the cheating wife and the cheating husband are having a wonderful time hiding their affair, do remember what goes around comes around.

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2010-04-03 07:15:35
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Q: Should a cheating wife confess to her lover's wife?
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How should you go about cheating on your wife?

you shouldn't.

Should a man confess to his brother if he sleeps with his brother's estranged wife?


Do husbands only confess one affair to their wife?

ANSWER:For some maybe but I had never knew someone that confess his action because he was seeing 2 or 3 women at the same time. Most married man who get caught cheating will confess for that only. And with that, he will be a bit more aware to what he did to you.

You backed your wife's car into a post last week didn't tell her this week she noticed and thought someone else did it in the parking lot should you confess?

You should be honest with your wife but when you confess you will also need to explain why you did not tell her earlier.

When should you go to Georgia?

When your wife starts cheating on you..... Or in the summer :)

Is Bill Clinton cheating on his wife?

No, he is not cheating on his wife.

Should you ask your wife if past lovers had larger penis than you?

Only if you can live with the answer.

Should the mistress tell the wife of the affair?

No, keep cheating and dont get caught.

If you have evidence of wife cheating what should you do?

Take it to a lawyer and make her pay alimony.

Cockate - A husband with a cheating wife?

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

Is it wrong to call your wife when you're with your girlfriennd?

First of all, you should not even have a girlfriend when you have a wife. That is call cheating.

If you find out your wife is cheating with a married man should you tell his wife?

* Some people who tell the wife in this situation, but you should be more concerned about your wife's behavior. She broke the bond of trust in your marriage and it's your wife you should be confronting. Discuss with her what is going on and if she is not willing to see that cheating is selfish; self absorbed and hurtful then you should move on or you become an enabler in this situation. I am sure this man's wife has her suspicions and she has to deal with this on her own terms.

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