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Definitely yes

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It really depends on the situation but incase you want the best relationship advice,reeceian19 @gmail .com.
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Yes, you should tell the other woman's husband if she is cheating with your husband.

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Q: Should I tell the other womans husband she is cheating?
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If I have proof my husband has been cheating should I tell the woman's husband?

If you have absolute proof that your husband is cheating with this other woman then you should deal with your own problems with your husband first and yes, the other woman's husband should know. This is not an uncommon problem and most people (whether a husband cheats with another man's wife or a wife cheats with one of her friend's husbands) is very common and the victim of the cheating generally does tell the husband or wife that their spouse is cheating with their spouse.

Why do you dream that your husband is cheating on you?

Dreams you have usually come out on other people , meaning that perhaps maybe someone else's husband is cheating on them

Would you think any less of your husband if he approved of your cheating?

Yes, I mean why wouldn't he care if you were cheating? Why are you cheating? Maybe he was cheating also. Seems like an unstable relationship , do you still love each other? If you do then why would you cheat and why would your husband "approve" of it. That's not good at all, most people care if their husbands/wives cheat on them!!! You two should sit down and talk about this.

What do you do when you find out that your husband is cheating on you?

You should leave him because if you take him back (provided he is not staying with that other woman) it will just give him the go ahead to do it again.

Why is it that my husband always accuses me of cheating he always threatens me he is going to leave me which happens very often even though im not cheating?

stop cheating on him? - well maybe you are doing something that you are unaware of but your husband senses other things , that leads up too you cheating on him.

Is ina garten cheating on her husband?

Yes with other men on the show ugh that slor

What can you do since your husband is incapable of making love to you for 10 years of marriage?

He is cheating on you that is the only possible answer i can give you but what you should do is talk to him and figure something out if he loves you or the other girl

If you snog someone other than your husband is this adultery or would you of had to sleep with them for it to be considered adultery?

this behavior would definitely be considered cheating on your husband.

Should your wife be keeping secrets for her ex husband She even keeps them from you?

Sometimes keeping secrets is a good thing as some as private. In other cases, it may lead to cheating.

What do you do when your husband keeps lying and says he is helping himself?

get rid of him is it is cheating but other than that i am not shur to be honest

If you suspect your husband of cheating and he has accused you from day one of cheating but you have proof can he turn around and want you to produce a phone bill too?

If he wants you to produce a phone bill, you should have nothing to worry about. If you aren't cheating on him it should all be fine. If you are cheating what is the point if you want to be with someone else divorce him, obviously he doesn't realize how good you are and wants to go for some other lowlife. If he is you deserve better, Get out there, Do your thing and hopefully it will all turn out okay.

I need to catch a cheating husband. can i get his password to his email account?

Depends who is the Master User for the email accounts from the ISP you are using. There should be other ways to tell if he is cheating other than reading his emails, like checking the odomoter readings on his car, checking his clothing for stains or other strange odors, hire a private detective, etc.