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In the U.S. recreational use of marijuana is illegal in all 50 states. However in a few states, it can be sold for medical purposes such as recovering from an accident or injury, glaucoma, or even cancer. California is voting for the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in November of 2010.

In other countries the laws of marijuana are vastly different. For example, in North Korea the use of marijuana is punishable by death, but in the Netherlands it is just as legal as cigarettes and alcohol.

If you are going to sell weed illegally, I would suggest knowing your clients, and your dealer (when people get busted, they will gladly rat you out for a lesser sentence if they don't know you) .

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Q: Sell marijuana legally
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Are marijuana seeds illegal in the united kingdom?

They are not illegal, no. There are plenty of online stores that sell marijuana seeds legally in the U.K. Marc Emery was not charged for the seeds he sold from the U.K. as it's not illegal there.

Can you sell marijuana?

Yes, you can illegally sell marijuana. Most drug dealers are caught so there is not a good chance for you to successfully sell marijuana without being caught.

Can medical marijuana shops in Washington sell to the public or only to medical marijuana card holders?

Medical marijuana shops in Washington cannot sell Marijuana to the public unless you are a medical marijuana card holders.

How many people in the US are currently using marijuana?

Millions. On top of all the people using it recreationally and (unfortunately) illegally, several states have medical marijuana programs. In California, for example, you can apply for a marijuana card with your doctor's recommendation and you can actually go to one of many stores across the state that legally sell marijuana to patients. They even have marijuana vending machines at some.

Can you be arrested for one marijuana seed?

Legally speaking, No. Marijuana seed has no THC content, plus, it's not mariujana, it's a marijuana seed. If you had like a ALOT of seeds, I'm sure they can charge you with conspiracy to grow and sell or something, either way they are going to want to take it and throw whatever they got at you.

Can you grow marijuana in Virginia for sell?


Is it illegal to sell marijuana to hospitals?

Yes, unless its medical marijuana and you have a licence.

Does 7 11 sell marijuana in colorodo?


Do tobacco shops sell marijuana?

Not particulately

In some state marijuana is lagal how ever is it federal or state crime if some one got caught distributing marijuana in VA?

Both and it depends on who catches you for the charges. Marijuana is not legal in any states. Medical marijuana programs exist which allow patients on the program to legally possess up to certain amounts and have so many growing plants. It is still illegal for them to sell marijuana, they can usually exchange it between other patients depending on the state.

Can you buy marijuana legally without a prescription in California?

If you have a marijuana dispensary license and can buy from someone with a prescription to grow medicinal marijuana, then yes, you can buy and sell legal marijuana without a prescription per sé. For personal use, no. That would mean that marijuana is legal in California, which it clearly is not.

Can medical marijuana shops in Washington seel to the public or only to medical marijuana card holders?

Medical marijuana shops in Washington cannot sell Marijuana to the public unless you are a medical marijuana card holders.