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2012-08-21 14:54:28
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Q: Can you grow marijuana in Virginia for sell?
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How can you make 150000 a year?

grow and sell marijuana

Is it legal to grow marijuana in Amsterdam?

i think u can grow up to 5 plants but you can not sell it unless u have a lisense

How do I stop kangaroos eating my marijuana plants?

Given that it is illegal to use, possess, grow or sell marijuana in Australia, I would say the answer is fairly self-evident: simply stop growing marijuana.

Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Virginia?

No, you cannot get a prescription for medical marijuana in Virginia. Virginia does not currently allow any use of marijuana, medically or not, as it is illegal. Doctors are not allowed to prescribe it.

Can marijuana grow in water?

You can grow marijuana hydroponically, just like tomatoes.

Can you sell marijuana?

Yes, you can illegally sell marijuana. Most drug dealers are caught so there is not a good chance for you to successfully sell marijuana without being caught.

Can you get medical marijuana if you live in Virginia?

No, Virginia politicians are strict.

Can felons grow medical marijuana?

Lots of felons grow marijuana. Mostly not legally, but they do grow it. The rules on medical marijuana are different in each state and province.

Is marijuana legal in West Virginia?


Is it legal to grow marijuana in Canada?

It is ILLEGAL in Canada to grow marijuana, but in most of Canada it is tolerated.

Does marijuana make your hair and nails grow?

No, marijuana cannot and does not make your hair or nails grow.

Can medical marijuana shops in Washington sell to the public or only to medical marijuana card holders?

Medical marijuana shops in Washington cannot sell Marijuana to the public unless you are a medical marijuana card holders.

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