Ruger serial numbers

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Yes, Rugers have serial numbers. If you want to use the serial number to determne when yours was made, go to the Ruger Website, under Customer Service, Historical data.

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Q: Ruger serial numbers
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What is ruger serial number 111842?

Ruger's website has information on serial numbers, and year of manufacture. Go to customer service, historical data.

What is the age of a ruger m77 with serial number 77-15832?

The Ruger website, under the customer service tab, has historical data for year of production by serial numbers.

How old would a 45 revolver ruger if the first two numbers of the serial number is 55?

Ruger's web site has serial number data for all its products.

What is a ruger serial number 12-78211?

Not enough information to answer.My information which was found in ruger and his guns,indicates that this block of serial numbers was assigned to the ruger standard semi-automatic Mark-1 .22cal handgun in 1974.

What is the year of manufacture for Ruger single six serial numbers starting with 64-14797?

Ruger's website has sn data on it. Not working for me right now.

What date of ruger?

Not enough information to answer. Need the model and first few numbers of the serial number.

Sturm ruger 22 long rifle serial num95393?

Go to the Ruger website- customer service, historical data, pistol, find your model, and the dates of manufacture are shown for different serial numbers.

Iwould like to find build dates for ruger pistols by serial numbers?

The Ruger website lists historical data for their firearms, under customer service.

How old is a Ruger six shooter is Serial 817310?

Ruger's website has extensive serial number data.

What year was Ruger blackhawk 30 carbine serial 51-02807 made?

Serial numbers have been required on all firearms since 1968

Why an asterisk in the Serial Number of a ruger mkii?

You will have to call Ruger to find out.

How do you find serial number ruger revolver?

Ruger has a serial number search function on the company web site.

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