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Go to the Ruger website- customer service, historical data, pistol, find your model, and the dates of manufacture are shown for different serial numbers.

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Q: Sturm ruger 22 long rifle serial num95393?
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When did sturm and ruger make a 270 rifle?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

How can i tell how old my sturm ruger 22 cal. long rifle automatic pistol is?

by serial number

Sturm Ruger 22 magnum stainless black plastic?

You can look up the serial number on ruger's website

What is the value of a Sturm Ruger 22 Cal long rifle automatic pistol made around 1975 in good condition Serial 12-5XXXX?


How much is a sturm ruger 22 caliber long rifle automatic pistol mark1 serial 36356 in good condition worth?

$100-$250, dpending on condition.

What is the age and value of a sturm ruger 22 caliber long rifle automatic pistol model 17-60935?

A call to Ruger will get you the answer.

What year was Sturm Ruger founded?

Sturm, Ruger was founded in 1948 by William Batterman Ruger with a $50,000 stake from Alexander Sturm, a family friend and gun collector.

What is the age of Ruger Mark one serial 15-25272?

Contact Sturm/Ruger and ask for an archive check. Sometimes a small fee is involved.

Sturm Ruger P89 double action serial number series?

100-300 USD or so

How much is a Sturm Ruger 22 caliber long rifle automatic pistol Mark you with a 5 12 inch barrel Serial 199XXX in very very good condition worth?

150 USD

What is date of manufacture for Ruger rifle mini-14 serial number 18765460?

You will have to call Ruger.

What is the value of a Sturm Ruger 22 Standard target pistol serial 14-92681?

50-175 or so