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I have a Sony Cybershot DSC T70 and it keeps saying "Reinsert memory stick" whenever I turn on the camera or slide down the camera lid. Also, whenever I try to view the pictures on my laptop it shows "Please reinsert the memory stick" something along those lines. As I have been researching for the solution, I would have to format the memory card. However, I wouldn't want to lose the pictures as I just took many as from the holiday last week. The only problem is the memory card, I tried using another memory card and it works fine with the camera. There is nothing wrong with the camera.\r\nCan someone please help me how to solve the memory stick problem? It would be great. Ty.

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Q: Reinsert memory stick PRO DUO problem?
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Can you enter a memory stick in a psp 3000?

Yes, memory stick duo or pro duo.

Is the Sony or Sandisk pro duo memory stick identical to the duo?

No. Memory Stick Pro = Memory Stick + greater maximum storage capacity and faster file transfer speeds; Memory Stick Duo = smaller (in physical size) Memory Stick. Now you can easily guess what Pro (+) Duo means :).M.

How do you put the memory stick duo adapter into the computer?

Most memory stick duo adapters feature a USB interface and are plugged into the computer's USB ports. Memory Stick Duo and Pro are Sony trademarks.

Are memory stick pro and memory stick pro duo the same thing?

yesnobecoz with a memory stick pro duoyou get 2 memory stick pros

What is a good site to find cheap and good memory stick pro duo? memory stick pro duo 50% off Who bought it? How?

Will a psp take any kind of pro duo memory stick?

It will take any Memory Stick Pro Duo as long as it supports MagicGate.

Whats the best memory stick duo for psp console?

the 8GB memory stick is best!

How do you eject a psp memory stick pro duo from your computer?

how to eject savely pro duo stick from the computer

Can a psp memory stick fit into a dsi sd slot?

NO, a PSP's memory stick is a memory stick pro duo. A dsi's is a sanDisk

Is a memory stick pro duo compatible with psp 3000?

'Memory Stick' brand cards are a proprietary brand made for Sony products. A Pro Duo Memory Stick is ideal for a PSP, including the 3000 series.

Can a pro duo memory stick be used in a ps3?

no it can not

Which brands produce the memory stick Pro Duo of 8 GB capacity?

SanDisk is the company which produces the 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. Strangely, it's not a memory stick - it's a memory card. It's made to use in your camera.