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No, you need to contact your doctor ASAP! That can be dangerous if you don't do anything about it.

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Q: Period lasting more than 3 weeks is this normal?
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You missed your last shot in November your first period was normal but the next two lasted two weeks or more is this normal?

No, you should see your doctor you might be losing to much blood if you are bleeding for 2 weeks or more.

Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to have her period for more than two weeks?

No, it isn't! See a doctor, girl!)

You have only been off the pill for three weeks and already got your period is it normal to get it more often?

yes ma'am!

Is it normal to start a period after 2 weeks of already having one?

it is normal because u have to wait 28 days and then 28 more days and it starts again so it is normal

What could cause your to bleed for 2 weeks after your period and pain and more bleeding during sex?

This is not normal and you need to see a doctor.

What do you do if you hav your period for more than 3 weeks?

You have to see a doctor. It's not good for you to bleed that much every month and it's not normal.

What does clear discharge instead of a period mean?

It means you haven't gotten your period yet. A clear discharge is generally normal.

Is it normal for a period to be more than a week late?

It's not exactly normal for a period to be more than a week late, but common. Unless you use fertility awareness method you don't know when your period is due, you can only predict it based on your average cycle length - anything up to a weeks variation from your cycle is normal. There are also lots of reasons such as stress or sickness which can delay menstruation.

What does it mean when when your period is lasting longer then before and it never did before?

If it's within the first 3 years of getting it then it's probably becoming normal. Be concerned if it lasts more than a week.

Is it normal for a woman to have a period more than 7 days?

Yes, it is normal to have a period more than 7 days. In fact, a period of up to 8 days is considered normal.

Is it normal to have period for more than 9 days?

Some people have periods that last for 2 weeks, however a week-9 days is more average. If your period does not normally last for 9 days, then you should speak to your doctor about it

Can you get white creamy vaginal discharge 2 weeks before your period or is that more so a pregnancy sign?

A vaginal discharge before a period is normal as is in pregnancy. See a doctor if you suspect you may be pregnant.