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depending on your pain threshold and where the piercing you're talking about is, the pain varies a lot. cartilidge hurts most, so that's your nose, the top half of your ear, and tragus/rook etc. normal flesh piercings like lobes don't hurt as much, they're more like a pinch (i'd say about a 3 on a scale of 1-10). lip piercings i would say are about a 4 out of 10. any other opinions for other piercings?

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Q: On a scale from one to ten how bad would a piercing be?
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How bad does a tragus piercing hurt on a scale of one to ten?

Well generally it's about a 2 ( one being a sliver and ten being hit by a bus )

Does getting your Monroe pierced hurt?

Not really. On a scale from one to ten, it's around a two or three. The piercing itself doesn't hurt bad at all but for the first five minutes after the piercing, its a little sore.

What causes deformation of cartilage in ear after piercing?

Piercing cartilage with a piercing guns is the number one cause, two would be a secondary infection.

Can you breastfeed with a nipple piercing?

eww... why would you get one?

Is it safe to get a piercing when on your period?

Yes you can get any piercing done however exotics would not be one of them for obvious reasons.

I really really want to get a belly button piercing but ppl keep telling me I'm too white. I have really fair skin and freckles should I still get one or would it look bad?

You can still get a belly button piercing despite what people think about it.

Where would one find information on industrial bar piercing?

Local tattoo and piercing shops are the primary place to go when wanting to learn more about the industrial bar piercing. Information about this piercing can also be found online on the About site.

Would you rather get an Industrial piercing or a phone?

Oh, jeez, this is a hard one, but I think it would depend on the phone. And what you liked better. If I had to choose, phone, but only if you really needed it. If not then , the piercing! :P

Is it safe to get a nose and tongue piercing at the same time?

The maximum number of piercings that would be considered safe at any one sitting is 3. Even though piercing is relatively safe when in a controlled environment of a professional body piercing studio, there is a limit to what the body will cope with. Any invasive procedure will tax the bodies ability to cope with the stress of piercing. So getting a tongue piercing and a nostril piercing won't be too bad, however be sure you have a good meal ( actual food, not junk food and candy ) at least 1 hour before you get the piercing done. This will allow your body to maintain it's normal blood sugar levels and allow you to cope with the piercing experience.

On a scale of one to ten how bad should your cramping be at one week pregnant?

Not bad at all because you shouldn't really have any many symptoms, if any

Where in Toronto can one get helix piercing service?

One can purchase helix piercing services in Toronto at the Entertainment District and New Tribe Piercing and Tattooing. A helix piercing is a piercing located near the top of the ear.

What should you do after getting a belly piercing?

I would suggest going to the emergency room for medical assistance, if you mean a "navel piercing" then follow the written aftercare instructions provided to you by your professional body piercer. FYI no one does "Belly Piercing", if you find a place that does "Belly Piercing" that's not the place to get your "navel piercing" from. Seriously