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Q: Name something a person sees while driving that slows them down?
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What are some of the effects that alcohol has on a person that is driving while intoxicated?

alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows the nervous system, this can cause drowsiness and slower reaction times

Who was the first person to died from texting while driving?

Who was the first person to die from texting while driving

Name something that may hit your windshield while driving?

bugs, rock, bird, person, rain, bird dropping

Name something a person sees while driving that would cause them to slow down?

Deer/Animal Accident Policeman Children

What does it mean when a car while driving slows down on its own and stalls out?

That it's old and destroyed, needs to be fixed. The car sucks.

Do you know what to do if your car brakes go out while you are driving?

If your brakes go out while driving, first shift the vehicle into neutral and then apply the emergency brake. If neither of these slows the vehicle, turn on your safety lights and get into the right lane.

Can a sibling be in a car while another sibling is driving with a permit?

Yes you can as long as that person has a driving liscense.

While driving you suddenly remember something that you wanted to phone your friend about?


What is the punishment for driving alone on a permit in Colorado?

It is important to follow the rule and regulations while driving. If a person is cause driving on their own, while only having a permit, they can lose their right to drive for a while, and have to pay a fine.

Why does eye starts watering while person is driving-?

A person's eyes can start watering while driving because the driver hasn't blinked enough to keep the eye moist.

How to move the car while taking picture?

Have one person driving another person taking the picture.

If someone gets a ticket while driving your car who gets ticket?

This is easy to answer. The person who was driving gets the ticket because that person is the one who broke the law.

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