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Yes you can as long as that person has a driving liscense.

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2010-06-18 02:21:05
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Q: Can a sibling be in a car while another sibling is driving with a permit?
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Do you need a parent in a car while driving with a permit?

No you do not

What is the punishment for driving alone on a permit in Colorado?

It is important to follow the rule and regulations while driving. If a person is cause driving on their own, while only having a permit, they can lose their right to drive for a while, and have to pay a fine.

If a person is driving an unregistered car and gets hit by another can he still file a claim against the others insurance?

In Victoria Australia, a person can file a claim against another person while driving an unregistered permit, but only if they have obtained and displayed a permit to drive the vehicle

Can you drive to school alone with a permit at 15 when no one else can for a while?

No. A permit driver is required to be supervised at all times while driving.

Will you get in trouble for driving with a permit but not having adult supervision?

Yes you will. You will probaly lose your permit (of course) but you will probaly have to wait even longer to get your license. If you are in a accident while driving with only your permit your parents will probaly be sued.

Do you need to have any supervision diving with learner's permit always?

Yes... you are required to always be supervised while driving on a learner's permit.

Do you need a licenced driver near to you while you're driving with a learners permit?

Yes, a licensed driver who is over 18 needs to be in the car with you while you are driving.

What happens if you have only your learners permit and you get a speeding ticket while driving alone and the ticket was for 70mph in a 55?

That depends on your state law and the leniency of the judge. You'll be facing two charges - speeding, and driving without a licence (although some states may have a different charge for persons driving solo on a learner's permit). You can expect a hefty fine, the loss of your permit, and probably a suspension period in which you won't be able to obtain another learner's permit or licence.

Can you drive in Massachusetts with a South Carolina learners permit?

Yes. Massachusetts recognizes out of state permits but be aware that there are restrictions regarding who is with permit holder while driving as well as driving time restrictions.

If you possess a CDL permit can you drive state to state with another license CDL driver?

Yes. However, that driver must be awake and supervising at all times while you are driving, and must log that time as "On Duty, Not Driving".

Can siblings be in the car while driving with a parent with a permit?

Yes, even some non-siblings can be.

Do you need insurance to drive with only your permit?

YES! You are driving. You have to have insurance. absolutely. it does not matter what stage of driving you are at, you must have insurance. you can get pulled over and be ticketed on your permit. you can also get into an accident while driving on a permit. all of the above are logically reasons that you must have insurance to drive on a permit. in fact, i am surprised that you were not asked to show proof of insurance to obtain a permit. so in short, yes you do need insurance to drive on a permit.

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