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It depends on how often there have been twins in your family, it's all in your mom's good 'ol DNA. But considering that she was a twin, there are higher chances that you could have twins. Weather you would like twins or not, good luck!

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Q: My mom is a twin. will I have twins?
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If your mom is a twin what are your chances of having twins?

most of the time twins skip a generation

If your partner is a twin his mom is a twin his brother was a twin and his brothers had twins what are the likelihood of you having twin?

conceiving twins has nothing to do with the males side of the family. It all depends on the female and if she hyper ovulates or not.

If your grandma on your mom's side is a twin and your husband is a twin what are your chances of having twins?

the genes for twins only matter on your mother's side. Having a male partner with a history of twins will not affect you.

How often do cows have twins when the mom cow is a twin herself?

Whether the dam was a twin herself may have a little influence on her odds of giving birth to twins. Normally twins occur in one out of 1000 births.

Should you say twin or twins?

Twin for 1 twins for both.

Is it possible for us to have twins if I'm one of a twin and my husbands mom is also a twin?

Any one can have twins! To date no link between the male side of the family has been established. The possibility of a woman having fraternal twins is something that has genetic links.

Is it twin's parents or twins' parents?

A twin is still a single, one has twins. So, "twins' parents."

My grandfather my mom's dad has a twin my mom's auntie from her mom's side has a twin and my mom's sister had twins does that increase my chances of having twins?

Yes, twins do seem to run in families. The cause is hyper-ovulation, a genetic trait to release more than one mature egg each month. This effect is only applicable to fraternal twins, as identical twins are not effected by genetics and every pregnancy carries the same chance of developing into identical twins. The exception to this is older mothers. As we age the chance of having twins increases whether there are twins in the family or not. A family history of twins doesn't make a male any more likely to have twins themselves. Men can pass the gene on to their children - it will only effect daughters, a male with the gene does not ovulate so his carrying the trait will have no effect on his wife. Any twins in the family conceived with the aid of fertility drugs will not have an effect on the twin "gene".

Can you have twins if your husbands grandmother was a twin?

Identical twins are 100% random, and fraternal twins (two eggs, two sperm) only have to do with the mom's genetics (the one who drops both eggs). The father really has nothing to do with making twins.

Who carries the twin gene mom or dad?

Mum or Dad could be carrying the twin gene it doesnt matter about sexes. Normally being able to have twins is when it skips a generation therefore if your grandparents were a twin or had brothers or sisters that were twins it generally means you have move of a chance to have twins other than your parents do although they can do. Also you have a higher risk of twins when doing IVF or having a baby when you are older.

What is the Algonquin word for twin?

The Algonquin word for a twin is nijotenj; one of twins is pejik nijotenj; they are twins is nijotenjiwak; twins is nijotenjak.

Can you have twins if the guy is a twin?

Yes it is possible to have twins.

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If your mom is a twin what are your chances of having twins?

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