M16 vs ak47

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The answer is simple.

AK can break through concrete, M16 can't.

Run over AK with Humvee, it still works, M16 will break to pieces.

Bury an AK in dirt, still works fine. Bury an M16, doesn't work.

Submerge an AK in water, works just great. Submerge an M16 in water, jams.

The M16 is more accurate that the AK47. It has a higher muzzle velocity. It has a much higher rate of fire. The weight of a soldier's supply of rounds is much less with the M16.

The AK has substantial impact at 300 - 600 meters. The M16 has very little impact at that range. This is because the AK uses 30 calibre (7.56 mm) bullets and the M16 uses 22 calibre (5.56 mm) bullets. The small diameter causes the bullet to slow from air resistance quite rapidly.

The M16 has a problem (as do all rapid-firing ultralight assault rifles) of overheating when firing long bursts. One method that some American instructors taught their soldiers to destroy weapons that had to be left behind was to fire a full 20 round clip and then push the barrel against the ground. The barrel will warp. The AK is much more resilient.

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Q: M16 vs ak47
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Ak47 is the best only reason (More ammo) :)

What gun is better the M16 or the UMP45?

UMP45 because its automatic and overpowered. The only benefit with the the M16 is that it has barely any recoil. I would go with the UMP45. It's really a comparison of apples and oranges. The UMP is a submachinegun, whereas the M16 is an assault rifle. The UMP fires a pistol cartridge, thus, you're looking at an effective range of 50 to 100 metres, vs. the M16, which has an effective range of 550 metres at a point target.

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Is a scar-h stronger than a m16?

It fires a much more powerful cartridge (7.62x51 vs. 5.56x45), and uses a more reliable short stroke gas piston system vs. the direct impingement system of the M16. The one possible drawback would be apparent if the magazines were poorly made... I doubt the magazines designed by FN would be, but knowing how US government contracting works, an aftermarket manufacturer producing inferior quality magazines would likely be selected (as what happened with the M9 pistol).

What is better ar-15 or m-16?

The M16 is an AR-15. "M16" is simply a military nomenclature. As far as military rifles vs. civilian variants, the military rifles are manufactured under much more strict conditions than rifles manufactured for civilian sales. Actually, the above is incorrect. The manufacturing process for an AR-15 is the exact same as for an M16; the sole difference is a very minor mechanical one - the M16 is designed for selective fire (the option to fire in an automatic mode), while the AR-15 is semi-automatic only. Now, there are a variety of clones of the AR-15 design, and the quality on those varies, but actual AR-15s are produced by the same people as the M16, using the same equipment. Roughly 90% of the AR-15 parts are identical to those used in the M16. Objectively, the M16 is better than the AR-15 for only one reason: it also offers the option to shoot in a 3-round bursts, in addition to semi-automatic mode. That's the only difference.

Which weapon is better in terms of reliability the FAMAS or the M16?

On paper, the FAMAS has the advantage of using a gas piston system, vs. the direct impingement system of the M16. However, I'm not aware of any direct comparisons which have been conducted between the two, and it should be noted that there are select units of the French military which use the M16 and M4, rather than their standard issue FAMAS. It's also worthy of mention that the French have resorted to using steel cased ammo, as the extraction from the FAMAS is very violent and has shown a tendency to tear apart brass cases in the chamber.

Is a m16 better then a p90?

yes the reasons are: *options on rate of fire (semi auto-auto vs just auto) *more readily available ammo (5.56 cal) *more accurate *easier magazine release *easier to open and clean, fix, maintain

Is an ar15 good?

The M16 / AR15 family of weapons (newest designation - M-4) have been the choice of every branch of the US military since the mid '60s. What more can you say? Yes, they are very good weapons. They're more refined, modern, and accurate than their (Chi-Com, Russian, Middle-East, North African, South American, etc) counterpart, the AK47 (more recently the AK74). But a lot of people (on Earth) feel the AK is slightly more reliable and fool-proof. It's a classic "Chevy vs Ford" argument. Nobody will everwin the argument, and very few will ever change their minds. :/ IceRail

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