Stick cricket cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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LevelMatchPasswords16All vs BermudaN/A15All vs NetherlandsCRICKET14All vs CanadaFOOTBALL13All vs ScotlandSPEEDWAY12All vs KenyaBASEBALL11All vs IrelandDAGGY10All vs ZimbabveDINGO9All vs BangladeshCARTMAN8All vs West IndiesCLASSIC7All vs Sri LankaMICKEY6All vs PakistanMCBEAR5All vs New ZealandROCKET4All vs EnglandBGARK3All vs AustraliaMONKEY2All vs IndiaBEEFY1All vs South AfricaTUGGA

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Q: Stick cricket cheats
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What are the cheats for stick cricket?

Go To The Bank And type Deposit 1e25 And You Will keep clicking the button and you will have lots of cash (lots) and (lots). And its stick rpg, not cricket.

Where can you play stick cricket?

You can play Stick Cricket at

What are the cheats for stick ranger?

There are no cheats currently for stick ranger.

Cheats for stick war on PC?

there is 1 or 2 cheats for it at "real cheats for stick war 1"

How do you make our own team in stick cricket?

i is making own team in stick cricket

Who would win in a fight between a cricket and a walking stick?

A cricket. A walking stick can't move. a Cricket would EAT IT.

What is a good online cricket game?

stick cricket

What is the stick cricket password for Ireland?

how to get your password for your cricket .if you for got it.

What is the password of stick cricket ashes dominator for level 4?

The answer for level 4 stick dominator is #sexy cricket

What cheats are there for stick rpg2?

how to get a lot of money in stick rpg2