Long term effects of alcohol

Updated: 9/27/2023
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When consumed in moderation, alcohol (beer, wine and liquor) contributes to better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it or abusing it. Abusing alcohol can have serious safety and health consequences.

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Q: Long term effects of alcohol
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Related questions

Does alcohol have only long-term effects on the drinker?

No, it also has short-term effects.

Long term effects of alcohol use?

If consumed in moderation , the long term effects of drinking are better health and greater longevity. Abusing alcohol tends to have the opposite effects.

What tare the long term consequences of alcohol?

The long-term effects of drinking alcohol in moderation are better health and longer life expectancy. The long-term effects of abusing alcohol are poorer health and shorter life expectancy.

What are long-term side effects of Risperdal?

side effects with risperidone and alcohol

What are the short and long term effects of using alcohol?

went alcohol is used it makes u drunk and u may do something u may regret. team kickface

Does alcohol only have long term effects?

No, it has both long term and short term effects. One short term effect is that it makes you drunk and unable to drive a vehicle safely.

How does alcohol affect the body long term?

Long-term effects of drinking alcohol in moderation are the significantly increased chances of better health and longer life.

What the alcohol does to your body long term effects?

depression confusion life termination

What happens when you do drugs and alcohol?

You will have long term effects of memory loss and other complications.

What are some long term affects of alcohol?

Long term alcohol use can lead to mouth and throat cancer. Also, high blood pressure and heart trouble, also sclerosis of the liver are some long term effects.

What are the effects of intoxication on the human body?

Intoxication can have both short-term and long-term effects based on the concentration of alcohol. Short-term effects include decreased heart rate, vomiting, fatigue, and impaired judgment. Long-term effects include respiratory depression, coma, and death.

What part of the body is immune to the effects of alcohol?

Over the short term, hair and nails. Over the long term, none of it.