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GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! are you nuts? that could be cancer..jeez

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Q: Ive had no period for 1 year took pregnancy tests have been negative For the past years you have experienced bad pains in stomach and vagina and have dark urine with strong odor?
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Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.

If you get your period during pregnancy will your pregnancy test results come out negative?


Can you have no period and negative pregnancy results and still be pregnant?

The negative pregnancy test is the defining answer, regarding pregnancy - once your period is a week or so late - if you are pregnant, the hCG will be high enough to be detected.

When you press your breast white fluid come out your stomach is bloat but you had your period had unprotected sex home pregnancy test say negative please advice?

your probably pregnant

Period 9 days late yet 4 negative pregnancy tests ts been 9 years since my last pregnancy so not sure how i felt back then my stomach is very bloated?

Go to a doctor?

You took a pregnancy test and it was negative then you had your period 2 days later was it your period or pregnancy bleeding?

Most likely your period. You're probs not pregnant.

Period and negative pregnancy test?

. . . means that you arent pregnant.

What causes sore nipples vomiting stomach cramps and no period?


Can you have a positive pregnancy test then a negative pregnancy test and light period and still be pregnant?


Can I be pregnant if my stomach is growing with light periods cramping and lower back pain for the last 2 months but the tests come back negative?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period, or have missed a period already

If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

Could hardness and slight soreness in the stomach be a sign of pregnancy?

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.