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After I got my belly button pierced it hurt for a while .. I went and seen the place where I got it pierced and they told me to clean it more often and wash it while in the shower . Try not to bump the piercing or touch it to much and always have clean hands if you do touch the area

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Q: Its three days after my belly piercing why it still hurts?
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Does the industrial piercing hurt more the belly button piercing?

It hurts way more! Industrial piercing is not as straightforward as traditional piercing, it is considerably more painful; The piercing, can take between three months to one year to fully heal.

Your tragus piercing still hurts after three months?

Sounds like it was done with a piercing gun, if it was done by a professional body piercer your tragus would feel just fine after three months. If it was done by a gun it's too deep take it out.

Can a belly piercing close after three months?

Yes. The time it takes for it to close depends on your body

How do you get your belly button piercing to close up when it hasn't closed after three years?

Plastic surgery

Is it good to swim in a chlorine pool with a almost 3 month old belly button piercing?

At three months the piercing should be healed, at least mostly. That means that swimming in chlorine will not affect it. Still steer clear of lakes and streams.

Why would you have a bubble on your three year old lip piercing?

You would have a bubble on your three year old lip piercing if the piercing is damaged or infected. The piercing can become infected if the jewelry does not fit correctly.

My belly button hurts and I'm only like 5 weeks pregnant Why?

I wish I had a definite answer for you. I'm five weeks today and my belly button is killing me! With my last three pregnancies it was inside the belly button, this one its the area all around the belly button...

Is it normal for you to have a white circle on your tongue around the bottom bar of your tongue piercing. Please note I have had my tongue piercing for three weeks and two days now?

it depends where you go if you do it yourself its 5 dollars for hollow needle mine at Clair's were 20 for belly button 115 for ears (including jewelry)

You had your belly button ring for three months and it fell out so you let it close Will it scar badly if it was possibly infected?

So long as you didn't have any serious issues healing the piercing the piercing site will look like an over sized pore over the next few days, no great gaping hole.

What is the chance of your tongue piercing getting infected if your three months pregnant?

generally pregnancy does not interfere with piercings. if your pregnant and you have your belly button pierced, put a zip tie or long bar in it so the piercing will not tear. its likely that if your tongue is infected that it is not pregnancy related. try getting a long bar, and see if that helps.

Im 13 and you want to get your belly pierced where can you get in done in Cardiff?

No where in Cardiff does belly piercing. Now navel piercing is a possibility and you should check your local phone book under body piercing to find a list of studios in your area. Please call it what it is "navel piercing", not belly piercing. There are only three places I can think of right now that does body piercings in Cardiff: Blue Banana, Rebel Rebel and Chrome Inc. Blue Banana has a number of piercers come in at different times, and some are professional, while others are not. I wouldn't try you luck there though. I've never been in Rebel Rebel, but I've been told you can smell weed. I don't know if it's the staff who smoke it or what, but I've also heard it is a very clean place. You really need to go there for yourself and inquire about the piercing, how they do it, how clean everything is, etc. to know first hand. Chrome is a just a studio specifically for body piercing, and the piercer there is highly professional. I've had one piercing there, and I plan on returning for others. I would definitely recommend Chrome.

Does the tongue hurt during the week after it is pierced?

everyone is different. my daughter got a piercing under the tongue and said itdid not hurt, months later got another piercing at the tip of the tongue and said hell ya it hurts. others friends of mine saidactualy two out of three said yes it hurt for a day or two.