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Yes, It's completely normal. Just continue to clean it.

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Q: Is white skin around a lip piercing normal?
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Why is the skin around your piercing peeling?

You are over cleaning your piercing and drying it out

Is it normal to have a ball in the inside of your lip where your piercing is?

If you mean a ball of hard skin, then it's only your body healing around your piercing. Since you have something permanent in there, it will heal around it and act kind of like a scar. If you remove it, it will still be there. I have that in my navel and septum.

Is it okay to clean a lip piercing with Bactine?

No, it is not OK. Bactine dries out the skin around the piercing, meaning the skin around your piercing will die. Bacteria tends to gather in the dead tissue and can cause infection. So, no, don't use it.

Is it normal for your bellybuton periceing 2 turn and have a scab around each end of th hole a week or so after you hand perice it?

Yes. This is the normal healing of the skin around the piercing points. Signs of worrisome infection would include worsening redness, swelling, warmth, pain, or increasing pus-like discharge from the piercing site.

Is it normal for a lip piercing flat surface of the stud to go under skin on the inside?

No, you need to get a longer bar.

How do you clear up darken skin around monroe piercing?

Is it a new piercing? It might just be bruising. Especially if the piercer used clamps. Otherwise, there really shouldn't be dark skin but it might be scarring. You can use scar cream on it just not directly in the piercing

What is this white skin on the inside of your cheek piercing?

This is a question that should have been covered by your piercer. It's there responsibility to advise you of what is right and not right for the piercing you are getting. So I would suggest you give them a call and ask them what is up with your piercing.

What if your lip ring itch?

Its probably just dry skin. Clean the piercing a little less often. If it doesn't get better, you can dab some vitamin E oil on the outside of the piercing to moisturize the skin around it.

How do you know if your over cleaning your navel piercing?

The skin around it will be dry and it'll take longer to heal.

White lump in front of tongue piercing?

This is totally fine and normal. Don't sweat! All it is is the tongue's version of a scab. Since its a moist environment though, it's not going to be a normal looking/feeling scab that you would get on your skin. Basically, white blood cells rushing towards the excess bacteria in the wound, and it forms pus. The pus gradually just ends up forming a white lump near your piercing which will go away when your tongue is totally healed. Just keep rinsing with sea salt.

Is it normal for the skin inside to pocket over your new lip piercing?

The skin shouldn't heal over the back of the jewelry. Its common for the piercing to kinda nestle and from a sort of crater in your lip. If its starting ot heal over, go to your piercer and they can give you a longer stud.

The skin around your penis is thicker than normal?

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