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Use Savlon or baby Rash cream.

At my shop we suggest and sell H2Ocean's tattoo aftercare cream, but if the client does not want that we tell them to use a anti-biotic oinment such as bacitration, neosporin, or triple antibiotic, very sparingly for three days...Then switch to a good skin moisturizer that does not contain coloring agents or fragrances....The best is Lubriderm...

The key to using an anti-biotic ointment is to not use very much of it. If you can see it on there you got to much....And only apply it after you wash the old off...

Vasoline, A & D Oinment and such are merely moisture protections, with no theraputic values....Hope this helps....

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Q: Is vasoline good for a healing tattoo?
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Is it good to put vasoline on a tattoo as your being tattooed?

stops it from bleeding and makes it easyer to tattoo

Is it good to put vasoline on tattoo as yer getting it done?

Vasoline is used for a few reasons during the tattoo process. 1. It reduces bleeding. 2. Reduces ink from spreading on the skin, with the vasoline it balls up so that the artist can see the stencil better. 3. Allows for easier cleaning of excess ink, so as the artist does a line the ink will ball and can be wiped off easier with out smudging the ink everywhere. 4. While working on big pieces, if an artist likes to finish off sections at a time, the artist can apply vasoline to the finished area so as to reduce the staining effect. It is more than safe to have vasoline put on your tattoo during the process, however check that the vasoline is clean and that the artist has taken it out with a new wooden tongue depresser...this is done to avoid contamination.

How do you tattoo leather and not smear the ink when cleaning it off?

Wipe the leather down first with vasoline. Worked for me.

Is it possible for ink to come out of a tattoo during the healing process?

If you pick at the scab before the tattoo heals, then there will be damage to the tattoo. I had to get my first tattoo touched up because of this

Is it true that eating seafood halts the healing of an eyebrow tattoo?

No I do not believe there is any food that will halt the healing of a tattoo. A tattoo healing is not really different from any other cut scratch healing . As in any healing there are thing that will help the process such as vitamins ointments and general care but no food that will halt the healing.

When can you use scented lotion on your tattoo?

Answer: Most likely it will make it fade. and its prob not good for the tattoo healing proccess either.

Is it good if your tattoo is peeling?

It is normal for a tattoo to peel. It is part of it's healing process. Some may peel, some may scab, and some will do both, but it is completely normal.

Can i use jergens ultra healing for new tattoo?

Can i use jergens on a new tattoo

When was Vasoline created?

Vasoline was created in 1994-06.

Is aquaphor good for after care tattoos?

i just got a tattoo a day ago and i was told to use Aquaphor on my tattoo while it was healing and it seems to be doing the trick but you will notice a little bit of ink coming out of your tattoo but i hear that this is normal.

Can you have a tattoo if you are slow healing?

It takes about 10 days for a tattoo to heal completely. In the healing process a scab forms over the tattoo and if any of the scab is rubbed or knocked off you loose part of the tattoo. If you a slow healing I would suggest not getting one. You may have a underlying condition that is causing this to happen. Talking to your doctor could give you more information.

Is it okay to use petroleum jelly on a healing tattoo?

Yes but a&d ointment works better in early healing.