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no. it will only cause discomfort

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Q: Is using a laxative the best way to lose weight?
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What is the best way to lose weight being hypothyroid?

Using a lap belt

Can you use laxative to lose weight?

I wouldn't recommend it, since you'll spend a lot of time on the toilet!

Is using laxative to lose weight safe?

This is NOT a safe way to lose weight, the weight lost is simply water weight. They will not make you thin because once the food reaches the colon where laxatives do their work the calories have already been absorbed. Proper diet and exercise are the only true way, discipline works, not laxatives.

How do you use super Nos Pump to lose weight?

How do you lose weight using super nos pump

Does a colon clense help to lose weight?

Not really. They work like a laxative and give you diarrhea. What works is watching calories and regular exercise.

Can laxatives help you to lose weight?

You only lose water-weight. That means dehydration and rectal problems. You can, but you will feel terrible, and may cause damage to one orifice you don't want probed. Talk to a doctor!

Is it healthy to lose a lot of weight in 2 weeks?

Not really but it depends on the method you're using to lose weight

Can you not eat and drink lax tea and lose weight fast?

Lax tea or laxative tea is a diarrhea stimulant. The only weight lost while using laxatives is the loss of backed up fesses in the bowels and water. The weight is usually easily put back on with just a few days of normal eating.

How does paraffin liquid work to lose weight?

Paraffin liquid is a mineral based oil which acts as a laxative. It may aid in weight loss however the effects will only be temporary and will result in water weight loss. The safest way to lose weight is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your every day life.

Can you lose weight when using a treadmill or just gain muscle?

you can lose weight along with gaining muscle. it just takes longer to lose weight than to gain muscle

Can Para-Aminobenzoic Acid help you lose weight?

yes, it can, but the best way to lose weight is work out

What is the best sport to lose weight with?


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