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not really. you can think someone is cute without liking them, or you can like someone without thinking they are cute. the two dont have to go hand in hand.

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Q: Is thinking someone is cute the same as liking them?
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Is someone somewhere thinking the same thing as you?

I was thinking the same question

Is flirting with someone the same as liking someone?

definitely not! flirting is when you give them hints and just play around with getting each others attention liking someone is when your ready to take on a relationship with someone

Thinking the same thing as someone else?


If you are thinking someone are they thinking of you at the same time?

This idea is pure superstition. There is no reason to believe that someone is thinking of you just because you are thinking of him or her. If someone is obsessed with another person, for example, this doesn't indicate that the other person is obsessively thinking about the first person.

What does it mean if someone thinks about the same-sex?

If someone is thinking romantic thoughts about the same sex then they may be a homosexual.

A word which means thinking the same as someone else?

Homophrosyne; groupthink

How is being homosexual natural?

u can't help liking a person of the same gender. ur practically born that way. its just ur nature of thinking.

What is the word that means thinking the same thing as someone else?

telepathy cahoots

Is it embarrassing liking someone younger?

No not at all, if they are on the same maturity level as you, it shouldn't be a big deal. Age doesn't make a difference, feelings do!

What r signs of a guy liking a married woman?

Same as a guy liking a single woman.

What could be a reason to suddenly not liking someone who you have been best friends with for like ever?

Betrayal of trust. Or fighting over the same guy/girl.

Is he gay meaning liking girls?

Gay usually means being attracted to the same sex, so boys liking boys and girls liking girls.