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Same as a guy liking a single woman.

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Q: What r signs of a guy liking a married woman?
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Why would a married guy show signs of liking a girl?

A married guy would show signs of liking a girl if he thinks she is hot. He might also like her if he is demented. Or, he simply doesn't mind cheating on his wife because this girl is more beautiful.

What does that mean if many outgoing and confident guys like a girl and keep showing signs of liking but don't ask her out?

It depends on the basis and grounds of your relationship with the guy. Is this guy at church? At Work? Is he Married?

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like shows many signs of liking you before but stops showing signs of liking you recently?

Either u took kindness for him liking you. Or he likes u and thinks u like some one else.

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like stares at you and looks straight at you for a long time until you look when he occasionally talks to you and shows signs of liking?

"and shows signs of liking"It seems you answered your question yourself there. If he shows signs that he likes you, go for it.

Does a guy like you if he doesn't talk to you?

usually also they can be mean sometimes, they are signs of a boy liking you x

If a guy shows signs of liking you as a girlfriend AND liking you as a friend which one is true?

GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! -pretty in punk) As a guy i say gf but it all depends what he does if he jokes around with you or sits with you at lunch or if you pick partners in class he choses you then i he likes you as gf

Why would the guy you like show you his affection for you and other signs of liking but don't act on it?

Because his petrified by the though of being rejected.

If your a it normal to fancy your best friend?

it can be normal, it can happen to any oneGirls liking their guy friendsGuys liking their girl friendsGuys liking their guy friendsGirls liking their girl friends

Am married and have two kids can you still be liked by a guy?

Yeah. A guy can like a woman who's married just like a girl can like a guy who's married.

Single guy likes married woman?


What to do if a guy you like is showing signs of liking you?

I know a boy in my class likes me,but I just ignore him.He hits me and he actually shows he is flirting!

What are some of the signs of an outgoing guy liking you if he's shy internally and relationship-wise?

He talks to you, and spends time with you. If he did not like you, he would avoid you.