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Not currently, but, in the past, yes.

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Q: Is there such thing as a 6 gauge shot gun?
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What is the lowest gauge shot gun?


What is the value of a Baikal 12 gauge single shot gun made in USSR serial number 1829200390 6?

About $100 to $200

How many pellets in a shot gun shot?

Depends on the size of the shot, whether the shot is lead, steel or something else, the weight of the load and the gauge of the shell. A lead 1 oz load of #6 birdshot is about 225 pellets.

A price for a hawes 357 hand gun 6 shot?

100-300 USD

How can you find out what model your smith and Wesson 357 6 shot 6 ported barrel is worth?

Check on line auctions, gun shops, gun shows and pawn shops.

What is a 32 Huntington and Richardson 6 shot barrels break gun?

A top break revolver

Does the Nerf gun Long shot CS-6 really shoot 35 feet?

Yes it does, without the front gun attachment, Though.

Did Lil Wayne shot?

yes when was 12 and got shot 6 times and blood was on the phone he was playing with his dads gun Actually, he was 11 and he accidentally shot his self (he was playing with his dads gun)in the chest it was very close to his heart. He called 911 on his on.

What is the value of a 12 gauge J Stevens single shot shotgun with a hammer on it like a hand gun?

I paid 60 $ for mine about 6 years ago and had to make a firing pinfor it and I seen them go anywhere from 60 to 125$ depending on condition hope this helps.

How much a 32 Huntington and Richardson 6 shot barrels hand gun worth?

15-65 dollars

Where are the cheapest nerf guns?

the cheapest Nerf gun is the secret shot its 4.00 the best gun for your money is the maverick that can shoot the farthest of any Nerf gun under $30.00. It is only $6-8.

Rg cal 22lr How much is the gun worth in good condition 6 shot revolver?

About 30-40 USD