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About 30-40 USD

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Q: Rg cal 22lr How much is the gun worth in good condition 6 shot revolver?
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What is a Savage revolver 101 22LR worth?

around $500.00 in good condition. I had one but it was recently stolen from my home...

What is a good condition 22lr model 949 h and r and r revolver worth?

I own one and they are worth around a 100 dollars

Is a Taurus model 990 22lr a good revolver?

Yes it is.

What is the value of a 9 shot rexio model pucara 226 cal 22LR revolver in good condition?

No more than 50 USD

What is the value of a hahn 45bb revolver in good condition?

It good condition (Not leaking C02) it would be worth between $45 and $60

Can you convert a 22k hornet revolver to 22LR?

Anything is possible if you have enough money, time and a good gunsmith.

What is the value of a 9-shot rexio model pucara 226 cal. 22LR. revolver in good condition?

I paid $100.00 on GunBroker for a used one - the gun is in great shape but the bluing is pretty worn.

How much is a Dan Wesson arms model 715 revolver in good condition worth?

50-350 USD or OS

What is a Harrington Richardson .38 caliber top break revolver nickel in good condition worth?

$100, more or less

What is the value of a Meriden Firearms 38 revolver with pearl handles and lots of engraving?

Value is highly dependent on condition, and the pearl handles or engraving may or may not affect the value. In "very good condition", a Meriden revolver is worth about $400. But it "good" condition, it is down to $150. $75 for "fair" and $50 for "poor"

How much is a Texas Scout .22 pistol worth?

Revolver, made in Germany, buffalo on the grips? $75-$100 in very good condition.

What is the value of a J C Higgins Model 85 22LR in mint condition with the box?

JC Higgins RifleA JC Higgins model 85 in good to excellent condition with original box is worth about 100 dollars.