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2011-12-10 01:12:59
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Q: Is there only one type ammo for a smith and Wesson 38 caliber revolver?
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Can 22long ammo be fired with a Smith?

I assume you mean Smith and Wesson. If it is a .22 caliber S&W revolver, yes.

Can 38 cal ammo be used in a 38 Sp Lady smith?

The current production Ladysmith (by Smith and Wesson) fires .38 Special ammo, and can use any factory .38 Special ammo. Do not confuse the current Ladysmith with a tiny .22 caliber revolver made by S&W years ago.

Can a smith and Wesson revolver k phrame fire special plus p ammo?

Contact S&W.

Where can you purchase Smith and Wesson 32 Revolver Ammo?

Gun shop, gun show, pawn shop, on line auctions.

Did Marlin Firearms manufacture a 41 caliber rifle interchangeable ammo with the 41 caliber smith and Wesson pistol?

to my knowledge ammo unless mil spec only is iterchangable with any weapon that fires the same caliber

What kind of ammo should you use in a smith and Wesson 32 top break revolver?

Needs to be examined by a good gunsmith first.

Colt police 38 positive what ammo do you use?

38 caliber revolver ammo

Can a smith and Wesson revolver 38 special k phrame square butt fire 38 special plus ammo?

Contact S&W.

What kind of ammo can be shot out of a 38 caliber revolver?

38 special.

38 special ammo in a s and m 36-1?

If your question is in regard to the Smith and Wesson Model 36 revolver, these were made in caliber .38 Special and that IS the ammunition to use in one. The 36-1 is an early model, and may not be suited to the use of +P or +P+ .38 Special ammunition, which is loaded to higher energy levels than standard ammunition. If you are seeking info on use of +P ammo in a specific S&W revolver, you should contact customer service for Smith & Wesson.

Ammo for a 915 smith and Wesson?

9mm parabellum

Will a smith and Wesson 625 revolver shoot 45 super safely?

Be aware! Never fire ammunition in a weapon not chambered for it! Stick to the .45 colt ammo.

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