Colt police 38 positive what ammo do you use?

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38 caliber revolver ammo

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Q: Colt police 38 positive what ammo do you use?
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What ammo do you use for an old Colt Police Positive 38 special?

.38 special Stay away from the "+P" ammo

What types of new style of ammo can the 1905 32 cal colt police positive use?

You need a good gunsmith.

What ammo does your Colt pocket Positive use Serial?

Have it checked out by a good gunsmith.

What ammo should you use for a colt official police 32-20 revolver serial 566xxx?

use 32-20 ammo The caliber of the ammo is 32-20. It is not common although it is still available.

Where can you get photos of a Colt Police Positive MK V?

Use the search feature on your internet provider for pictures

Can you use 32 ammo in colt 38 police issue revolver?

The short answer is "no!". The cartridge may fire, but the case will split and the bullet will go somewhere downrange. Not pretty.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester model 94ae 45lc use?

.45 Long Colt.

What size ammo to use in colt army special 38?

Needs to be checked out and verified by a gunsmith.

What ammunition can you use you colt cobra cal 32?

any 32 cal. revolver ammo.

Can you use modern plus P ammo in a colt .32 1903 auto?

I don't think there is any +P ammo made for the 32 auto ????????

What type of ammo for 32 Colt Police Positive?

Colt (in both the 32 and 38) added "Colt New Police" to avoid advertising the S&W developments in 32 and 38 ammunition. The Police Positive Special will fire the old .32 S&W cartridge as well as the .32 S&WLong. You can also fire the old .32 Colt and Long Colt Cartridges (don't expect great accuracy). Why? Because these rounds use the same .312-313 bullet that are of the full case diameter, heeled variety like the modern .22 rimfires. Firing them in 32 S&W Long chambers will over expand the smaller cases ripping them apart. The .32 S&W and S&W Long cases are too large to fit in the older Long Colt chambers.

Can you use 38 special plus P ammo for the 1800's Iver Johnson 38?

No, and you shouldn't even use. 38 Special ammo in it, either. If it was made in the 1800s, it was probably chambered in .38 Long Colt, and that is the only ammo which is compatible with that revolver.

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