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I think not!

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i heard that but.. i dont know.

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Q: Is there less calories in a toast than untoasted bread?
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Does toast reduce calories?

No. Toasting merely changes the structure of bread, removing some of the water and browning the surface through a process called the Maillard reaction. Toasting bread will make the bread less dense, but this is simply because some of the water has been removed through evaporation.

Does toasting a piece of bread reduce calories?

No. Toasting simply changes the structure by removing water and causing browning through the Maillard reaction. Toast may be less dense than bread, but this is simply because there is less water - the calories will be identical.

How many calories are there in a piece of brown toast?

It depends on a-lot of things, but most bread gives you its calorie listing on the Nutritional table. Brown generally has a-lot more then white, less sugars ect. for 2 pieces of Brown toast your looking at about 140 calories.

One bagel is equal to how many pieces of toast?

It depends on what type of bread you are referring to. If it's white bread, 2 slices of white bread (toasted or not) is about 130 calories. Depending on brand, it may be a few calories less, but 130 is a good number. One bagel is usually around 260-290 calories each. So to answer your question, it looks like about 4-5 slices of bread equals one bagel. Adding any kind of spreads to either bread or bagel increases the calories.

How do you make bread mold in less than a week?

You must toast it

What is in white toast that is not heathly for your body?

Lots of calories. Basically the problem with white bread as opposed to wholemeal is that it is broken down much more easily by the body. Also there is far less roughage in white bread, which your body needs to keep your gut healthy.

Does toasted bread weigh more then a piece of bread?

Probably less. Toast is crunchy because the moisture has been driven out of the bread by heating it.

Which would provide fewer calories spreading 5g of jam on a slice of wholemeal toast or spreading the same slice of toast with 5g of butter?

5g of jam provides less calories as carbohydrate supplies 4kcals per gram.

What would the world be like today if you didn't have the digital toaster?

TERRIBLE! without digital toasters, we'd have to manually toast the bread, and less people would be bothered to do that, meaning less toast being eaten. That would suck, because toast is freaking brilliant.

Is brown bread helthier then white bread?

yes it is because brown bread has less calories than white also brown bread has whole meal flour that helps the digestive system!!

What is healthier whole wheat pita bread or whole wheat melba toast?

Whole wheat bread has more fiber, but flat bread has less carbs. Try whole wheat flat bread!

Is there a way to make french toast healthier?

use brown bread if you make it. if you buy it too. and use less syrup on it, or get the sugar free or low calorie or fat kind.