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Yes, there are multiple forms of Birth Control, condoms. Though both these methods are not 100% guarantied. Also don't believe people when they say it's ok on "safe days". No day is safe there is still a possibility of pregnancy each and every day of the month.

Lastly, the only 100% guarantied method to prevent pregnancy is abstinence.

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Q: Is there anything to prevent pregnancy?
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What does homosexuality prevent?

homosexuality doesn't prevent anything, except possibly, unwanted pregnancy.

How to prevent pregnancy by eating some food at home?

There's no way to prevent pregnancy by eating anything. OK,it is possible if you have a glass of water...instead of sex ;)

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

Do condoms cause birth defects?

Absolutely not. Condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy (and transmittal of diseases). If they fail as a contraceptive, there is no indication that they have any effect on the pregnancy themselves. In fact, if they fail to prevent a pregnancy they may still act to prevent disease - which can frequently be the cause of birth illnesses or problems. Hence if anything, condoms act to prevent defects.

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Vitamins to prevent pregnancy?

Vitamins don't prevent pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you stop birth control?

Yes, if you have sex and you're not doing anything to prevent pregnancy, you could get pregnant.

Can hot water prevent pregnancy?

NO ! ONLY contraception or abstinence can prevent pregnancy !

Why is that starch prevent pregnancy?

Starch as in pasta, potatoes etc? That does not prevent pregnancy.

Is cytotec good to prevent pregnancy?

No. Cytotec can be used for abortion but not to prevent pregnancy.

Does yaz prevent pregnancy?

Yaz is a birth control pill. It is intended to prevent pregnancy.

You took 8 Advil to prevent pregnancy?

Advil don't prevent pregnancy no matter how many you take.