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No. There hasn't There has been cases that a woman can be pregnant with her tubes tied Not removed

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Q: Is there any known cases where a woman has become pregnant after her tubes have been removed?
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Can your baby have a baby?

In rare cases, due to sexual abuse, girls as young as 6 have been known to become pregnant.

Has there been any cases where women got pregnant without a uterus?

has there been any known cases of a women getting pregnant without a uterus

Is it possible to fall pregnant at the age of 44 first child?

Yes, every women has a different age at which they enter menopause and lose the ability to become pregnant. The oldest known women to become pregnant was over 70. While some women lose the ability before age 40. The average age range for a women to enter menopause is 40 to 60, with a few rare cases being higher or lower.

If you and your husband have been trying to get pregnant for a while but he smokes cigarettes can that reduce the chances for you to get pregnant?

Not as far as is known, lots of male smokers become fathers.

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Most animals have only certain times when they can get pregnant, known as estrus or heat. Humans can always become pregnant, which means the uterus is always preparing for pregnancy. When a human female doesn't become pregnant, a period results.

Is Omeprazole safe for pregnant women?

FDA pregnancy category C. It is not known whether omeprazole will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using it.

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any girl automatically becomes emancipated when pregnant. it is a little known law. hidden to try to stop girls getting pregnant just to become emancipated

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You the know the M&Ms they are known to cause pregnancy this will be most legiti mate way to get pregnant without having sex

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Im assuming you mean "Do pandas have to have sex to make a baby?" In most cases yes, however, there is a procedure known as "In Vitro Fertilization", in which an egg is fertilized in a lab, and implanted into the womb. This makes it possible to become pregnant without having sex.

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It develops a strong urge for sexual activity, in some cases they become more open mindinded and engage in anal sex or even roleplay. They also are known to grow bigger and bigger ears over the period and the end result is some big flappers.

What diseases can fungi produce?

Fungi can cause various different kinds of diseases. For example, it has been known to cause cases of meningitis, which can become serious.

Are there any known cases where a woman got money from a man - or men - claiming she was pregnant - needing it for an abortion - but than didn't get one - can she be charged with fraud?

Yes - yes - yes - and yes.

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