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The effects of Botox Cosmetic on pregnancy are not known, and it is recommended that pregnant women and women who plan to become pregnant should not receive Botox Cosmetic treatments. It is recommended that women in these situations should wait until after their pregnancy before receiving Botox Cosmetic treatments.

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Q: Can you get Botox when pregnant?
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Can you use botox if you are pregnant?

There is a lack of studies on the effects of Botox on pregnant women and their unborn children and accordingly it is impossible to say whether it is safe. For the sake of erring on the side of caution, Botox's manufacturers recommend that it is not used on either pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.Obviously this is a question all women should know the answer to! NO you do not know what the chemicals could do to your baby and the affects it will have on him or her . so don't even risk it!! BAD IDEA Ladies!

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