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it really depends on how you feel about it. if by verbally cheating you mean phone sex or something along those lines, then i would consider that cheating

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Q: Is there a such thing as verbally cheating?
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What can be defined as cheating?

cheating is when you do the thing that you do with you babe or mate with another person

Is there such thing as cyber cheating?

ANSWER: Yes there is such thing as " cyber cheating" and it do happen almost everyday no matter what state or country we came from...

Is infidelity and cheating the same thing?


3 examples of cheating within the rules?

There is no such thing as cheating within the rules. If you cheat that is pure cheating and there is no explanation . If you are true to someone then you are true to them.

Is sucking someone else cheating?

Oh yeah. I would consider it cheating. It's oral "SEX." It's an intimate thing to do, and it's for sure cheating!!!

What are the consequences of cheating spouse?

Cheating your spouse is not a good thing. It could land you into loneliness and other miserable feelings.

How do you spell verbally?


Thinking of cheating on him?

If you have the idea or want of cheating then chances are you may not be happy within this relationship. The best and honest thing you can do is leave before cheating and find out what you really want.

What is the newest cheating device?

There is no such thing as newest cheating device. There is only few ways to know if one is cheating on you or not. That is by examining the body language and speech of other person.

What does aggressors mean?

It normally means a person who is physically verbally or both attacking someone or some thing

Is it a bad thing to have feelings for your friend's ex boyfriend?

they are cheating.

How to get even with a cheating partner?

If you know ANYTHING about relationships, you know that 'getting even' is the worst thing you can do. You have to be POSITIVE that they're cheating, then talk to them.