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Yup, a catterpillar plant looks similar

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โˆ™ 2010-08-11 14:13:56
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Q: Is there a plant that looks like marijuana but isn't?
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What plant looks like a marijuana plant but is not one?

False Aralia looks like marijuana.

I have a plant that looks like marijuana but is not - what is it?

Most likely it is a spider plant there strange and hard to find information on.

What spice looks like marijuana?

aregano looks like marijuana but mustard seed looks closely like it

What does tapioca plant look like?

the plant that you are looking for looks a bit like marijuana, but if you look closley, you can see that looks like a penis, and also has the same consept, as it can ejaculate, and get larger from erections

What plant looks like a marijuana plant but isn't?

Industrialized hemp plant. You can not get high off of it because it does not bud. It is used for making rope, clothes, and other useful items. It is illegal to grow in America though just like Marijuana plants.

What does the female marijuana plant look like?

It looks like a plant covered with a 'pyramid' of little nuggets with like small 'classic' pot leaves strewn across it.

What is in a joint of marijuana?

its marijuana rolled in a join paper it looks kinda like a cigarette

What did Thomas Jefferson like to plant?


Does a marijuana plant smell like smoked marijuana?

No, they usually smell different.

What is the sources of marijuana?

the source of marijuana is like that of any other plant....................a seed

What does marijuana mixed with cocaine look like? looks like marijuana with white powder sprinkled on top.

What does it mean when you bleed brown blood?

Isnt that when blood dries up and isnt shiny red anymore, it looks like rust..?

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