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its marijuana rolled in a join paper it looks kinda like a cigarette

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Q: What is in a joint of marijuana?
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What is a joint of marijuana?

when someone smokes pot, they take the marijuana and roll it into some smoking paper..this is called a joint

How can i roll a joint from a marijuana plant?

you can

What was a fat marijuana joint called?


What does marijuana treat?

It is used a lot for joint or muscle pain.

What is the technical term for a marijuana cigarette. Need word for the rolled up cigarette?

The technical term for a joint is a "Marijuana cigarette".

What is a marijauna roach?

a marijuana roach is the end of a joint that is left after you smoke it.

How is marijuana put into a joint?

Break it down chop it up and roll it

What does an eukaryotic organelle do?

A marijuana "joint" (cigarette) is made from the dried particles of the plant.

How long would it take a joint of marijuana to get out of your system?

Up to thirty days..

What is sherm?

No sherm is a marijuana joint dipped in Embalming fluid and dried then smoked.

What are todays slang Words for pot or a joint?

Pot and Joint ARE slang words. To see what the slang terms for marijuana are, click the link below.

How much do you payfor a marijuana possession citation?

400 is the minimum for just one joint.