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No. The term alcohol dependence has replace the term Alcoholism in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association.

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Q: Is there a difference between alcoholism and alcohol addiction?
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What is the difference between addiction and alcoholism?

Addiction is where you cant stop having something! And alcoholism is something to do with alcohol! :)

Difference between process addiction and substance addiction?

Process is sexual, over-eating and gambling Substance is drugs and alcohol

Is there a correlation between alcoholism?

Alcoholics tend to consume more alcohol than do others, although that does not define alcoholism.

What is the difference between an addiction to herion ans an addiction to cocain?

there not the same substance but the addiction is the same ADDICTION who would ask a question like that LAME

Is there a correlation between?

Alcoholics tend to consume more alcohol than do others, although that does not define Alcoholism.

What is the difference between alcohol and sugar alcohol?

Sugaralchohol has sugar in it?

What is the difference between drug addiction and alcohal addiction?

Alcohol abuse - the definition of alcohol abuse is binge drinking - the consumption of 3 or more alcoholic beverages within 24 hours. Alcohol dependence - alcohol dependence can be physical or emotional. * Emotional dependence is hard to define - typically, it is the desire to drink alcohol in the absence of a physiological drive (physical dependence) to do so. * Physical dependence is the physical desire or need to continue drinking alcoholic beverages to prevent withdrawal. Typically, this definition includes lack of regard for self preservation and societal norms.

What is the difference between a physiological and a psychological addiction 1?

Please see the link below:

What is the difference between alcohol addiction and nicotine addiction?

For practical purposes none, except you are somewhat less likely to take other people with you if you just smoke.The biggest difference is in the degree of lethality. Alcoholics who continue to drink will eventually die of alcohol-related causes. Smokers may not develop obvious smoking-related complications (although they are likely to do so), but it will inevitably reduce their quality of life, and on average will shorten it by about ten years.

What is the association between alcoholism and creation of an imaginary life?

I would assume as excess alcohol destroys peoples lives more and more over time they become more lossed in the drink and loose touch with reality so they start living a pretend life again probably to stay in denial of their alcohol addiction, its a sad disease as they dont want to let go of the alcohol even though it kills them in the end

What is the adhesive difference between rubbing alcohol and water?

Water contains no alcohol or oils, as rubbing alcohol does.

What the difference between marijuana and alcohol?

no blackouts on pot