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T serial numbers yes, T Model, no.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-27 23:15:48
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Q: Is there a T model Browning Hi Power?
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What is a browning hi power serial number starts with t made in belgium by browning arms St. Louis mo worth?

50-500 usd

What year is a browning hi power was made with serial number T299611?

You will have to call Browning. That sn is outside the T range.During 1969 The Hi-power pistol serial number code was changed to a 2 digit year and C prefix.serial numbers for T prefix Hi-power pistols exceeded T300,000 and were shipped into 1970.I believe that this is the case with yours,and would date its production as 1970.

How do you remove the magazine disconnect from a browning hi-power?

See the following link:

Why are Browning Hi Power pistols with the prefix letter T so much more desirable?

Older and usually better finished.

What is the manufacture date of a Belgium browning hi power pistol with serial number T291295?

Between 1969-1970.The T prefix Hi-power handguns exceeded T300,000 and were shipped into the year 1970.

Why are Browning hi Power pistols with the prefix letter T in the serial number so much more desirable?

Older and generally better made.

What year was a browning hi power made with serial number T2803600?

Your serial number does not match anything published on the Browning web site. The letter T was used in the sn from 1964 to late 1968.

How old is your browning high power 8L 45274?

You will have to contact Browning on this.They have a serial number search option in the customer service site.My records indicate that the Browning hi-power had a letter T prefix from 1964-1969.In 1969 they switched to the prefix of 69C and continued until 1976 with the prefix of 76C.

What year is your browning serial number T 302908?

Will need the model number.

What year is this browning tromebone 78318?

This number should have a "T" and a number associated with it to determine age. Otherwise it would be a FN model and not imported to Browning.

What is the age of Model number of Browning 22 cal rifle serial T 51657?

Your Browning auto rifle in 22LR was made between 1956 and mid 1961.

What year was a browning model tbolt 25734 x6?

With the serial number that you provided,your Browning T-bolt rifle was produced in the year 1966.Which is identified by the suffix X6.

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