Is there THC in spice

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No, THC is a cannabinoid, there are no cannabinoids in spice. It wont show up on a cannabis drug test.

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Q: Is there THC in spice
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Is there any THC in spice?

No there is no THC in spice. Spices is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC but it will not come up in a drug test.

Is spice THC?

No. Spice is a mixture of random dangerous chemicals. Spice kills allot of people, THC has never killed anyone in history.

What is the difference between marijuana and spice?

Spice contains cannabicyclohexanol, which is "synthetic" thc, whereas weed has THC (tetrahydrocannibinol) and cannabinoid

Can k2 spice cause a positive drug test for any drug?

Yes spice does contain THC in it, and if consumed will make you turn in a positive test for THC.

Can pep spice show up in a THC test?


Does damiana spice contain THC?

No sir :D

Does the black Mamba spice contain THC?

I hope NOT!

Does the incense spice put holes in your brain?

Yes, and it is very high in THC. people have died from spice.

Does smoking spice make your eyes red?

yes because of thc cells

Does spice show any THC?

Yes and no. Spice is a cannabanoid with a compleatly different actor ingrediant called JHW-018, which had a different structure then THC will not show up on a THC test. However since it is a cannanbinoid, some type of spice contain small about of THC, but it will only show up as so for a few hours after use. Be warned though, it is on it's way to becoming illegal, and certain labs are able to test for JWH-018z.

Can spice make you fail a drug test?

No, you cannot fail a drug test for spice. I have taken upwards of 200 drug tests while smoking spice and have never come up positive. There is no THC in spice. yes you can come up positive for thc! It happened to me last week at probation, i denied it and they sent it to the lab and THEN it came back negative prompting them to change policies and now i cant smoke anything. some probation departments might not take the time to send it to the lab! What the abvoe poster said is a case of a false-positive test. The spice itself did not cause the test to register for THC, as there is no THC in spice. The test was faulty, not the fault of the user.

Will spice show up on a juveniles UA?

No it won't because there is no thc they test for thc because I just got a ya today and I'm clean

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