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Yes it is. It is a single shot .177 pellet rifle. It is not a BB rifle.

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Q: Is the gamo big cat 1200 a break barrel?
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What airgun should you get Gamo Big Cat or Crosman Quest 1000x?

They are both Excellent Rifles but I personally feel the Gamo has the edge on the Crosman. Both shoot lead pellets at 1000 FPS. Both will shoot the PBA pellets at 1200 FPS. The Gamo has a 38lbs cocking effort while the Crosman has a 31.5lbs cocking effort. The Crosman with scope is a little less expensive than the Gamo with scope. So it this isn't a big deal to you then I would go with the Gamo Big cat. Take a look at:

What is the barrel diameter of the gamo big cat 1250?

The Big Cat 1250 fire a .177 caliber pellet. If you are looking for more specific information, I would contact GAMO USE directly and ask them. See the link below

Where is the serial number on gamo big cat 1250 air rifle?

It's usually on the side of the barrel, close to the hinge

What is required to return a gamo big cat 1200 fps from 495 fps to 1200fps?

First of all it must be legal in the country where you live to make this modification. Second I would contact Gamo and ask them directly for the parts list.

Should a 12 year old use the gamo big cat 1200?

It is a rather large rifle for a 12 year old, but under adult supervision is should be alright.

Can a 13 year old hold and load a Gamo big cat 1200 without help?

It depends on the size of the person, But most likely "Yes" he should be able to load it himself with adult supervision.

What is Gamo big cat 1200?

It is a air rifle that fires a .177 caliber pellet at 1000 Feet Per Second using PBA (Light weight performance) ammo. It is a single shot pellet rifle.

Can a big cat 1200 take 4.5MM BBS?

No, it is designed for pellets not BB's. Any BB will destroy the rifling in the barrel over time.

Is the gamo Big cat 1200 good?

i am just about to get one and i personally have a buddie of mine that has a big cat 1200. he said he has a great time using it and didnt take him but 15 minutes to sight in the scope at 30 yards. plus i have been reaserching out on the web and reading comments and feedback. all the websights ive gone to had a good report and is a great gun. so i would get one.

What is the best trigger you can put in a new gamo big cat air rifle?

Get a GR3T trigger for it. It is considered the very best trigger available for Gamo. See the link below

What is a better airgun ruger Blackhawk or Gamo big cat?

Take a look at the comparison chart (see the link below) I think the Gamo has a slight edge over the Black hawk.

Is the gamo big cat better than the Crosman storm Xt?

This is like asking is Ford better than Chevy. It all really personal opinion. The Gamo cost a little more but both are rated at 1000 FPS. The XT has a wood stock the Gamo has a synthetic stock. So the choice is yours.