Is taking 6 pills of norco bad?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It depends on what mg of you are taking. You can take 5 mg hydrocodone, 7.5 hyrdrocodone, and 10 mg hydrocodone. It also depends on your tolerance level. I have been taking norcos for only 6 months and I take around five 10 mg norcos a day, sometimes 6 but i never go over six. That's just me though and everyone is different. I know people that can take ten to fifteen 10 mg norcos a day for long periods of time (I definetly do NOT recommend it). Also there are people that don't have the body to handle it and it can turn fatal. My advise to anyone that wants to take that many pills is to try a smaller amount and see how it feels and then you can work your way up. I'm not one to nag but it's always better to take it safe with any drug.

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Q: Is taking 6 pills of norco bad?
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