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You can still ovulate to get pregnant. This is possible because you only took the first 6 pills of your pill pack. Once you have stopped taking your pills, you can still ovulate similar to the situation if you missed a pill or two by accident. You can still get pregnant these ways.

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Q: You took the first 6 pills of your pack and none after can you still ovulate on time to get pregnant?
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If you are a teen and never had a menstrual cycle can you still get pregnant?

Yes, before you get your period for the first time you ovulate so then you can get pregnant.

Can you still ovulate even though you do not have your menstrual cycle?

YES you can still ovulate without a menstrual cycle. Also you can still get pregnant without a period.

Can you be pregnant and still ovulate?

No, once you become pregnant your body no longer releases an egg because the one before has been fertilized. It you could still ovulate it would cause you to have a period.

How long little blood comes before pregnant?

Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant Can you take birth control pills and still be pregnant

If you miss 4 pills in a row in your first week and have unprotected sex and then have a small period can you still be pregnant?

you can be pregnant and still have all your normal monthly periods. i think im right in saying that you can get pregnant from missing only one of your daily pills... so yeah you could get pregnant from missing four pills. jenny x

If i took pills for pid can i still get pregnant?

More than likely you still can get pregnant.

Can one be pregnant and still ovulate in first trimester?

No, unless you are one of the 1% that still has periods for part or all of the pregnancy. But that is very, very rare. If you are still having periods, go with not pregnant. If you are not satisfied, call your doctor.

Do you still ovulate with your tubes tied?

Nope cos it means that you cant get pregnant

Can you get pregnant 4-5 days after your period finishes?

no you still have not began to ovulate

How can a women get pregnant if she irregular perid?

It would be alot easier if you knew when you were ovulating. For example, some women get tender ovaries or cramps when they ovulate, or some have some white discharge. Some women do not get these symptoms,however, so consulting a fertility specialist always helps. :) :)

If you take feritlity pills when you can get pregnant will you still increase your chance of having multiples?

if i take a fertility pills when i got pregnant/