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Q: Is sugar-free pills are injurious to health?
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Is daily 1 cigarette injurious to health or it is jus al right?

Injurious. There is no safe level.

Is alcohol injurious to health?

All alcohols (they are a type of chemicals) are injurious to health. Humans do use ethanol and in very small quantities humans can tolerate this.

Azinamoto is injurious to health or not?

Yes, he is.....greetings the duch.

Is antioxidants injurious for health?

On the contrary, they are essential to good health and are one of latest health-food fads.

Which country first proposed Smoking is injurious to health?


Is melatonin drug is injurious to health?

Yes, if taken in excessive amounts.

Is smoking non-tobacco hookah injurious to health?

It depends on what you are smoking in it.

Can you have a smoke while in gm diet?

smokin is injurious to health man ,,,

Is masurbates injurious to health?

Yes you will get hairy palms and lose your eyesight.... which is so not true, by the way.

Is drinking whiskey is injurious to health?

Yes. 100% of whiskey drinkers eventually experience death.

What are the example of a slogan of environment and health?

"Pollution is injurious to health" and "Prevent environmental health hazards" are examples of slogans for environment and health. Another slogan for health and the environment is "Safer the environment, healthier the life."

How hand practice is injurious?

It is not injurious