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smokin is injurious to health man ,,,

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Q: Can you have a smoke while in gm diet?
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How much alcohol can one consume while on GM Diet?

Big No No..during GM diet....

Can one consume alcoholic beverages while on GM Diet?

Every website I have read says that No, you cannot consume alcoholic beverages while on this diet.

Is the GM diet safe for diabetics?

The GM diet is safe for most diabetics. However, before you start any type of diet, check with your family doctor.

Is GM diet safe?

yes ...

Is there a vegetarian version of the GM diet?


How do you cook vegetables on a GM diet plan?

steam them..

Can you have chapati or corn in gm diet?

Corn - Yes Chapati - No

Can you smoke weed on the HCg diet?

It is best not to smoke during the hCG diet. If you have been smoking for quite a long time you will want to taper off before you start the actual diet.

For what reason was the GM Diet created?

The GM diet was created for General Motors employees and was intended for their exclusive use only. The program was designed for employees to lose 10-17 lbs per week and improve the atmosphere of working at GM by improving attitudes.

How many pounds are lost in a week of the GM diet plan?

beats me

Can the wonder soup be consumed every day of the GM diet?


Is gm diet really helpful?

Yes. If you concentrate on loosing your weight.