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Unless it's excessive. Everything is bad for you if done in excess

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Q: Is smoking marijuana worse than smoking cigarettes?
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Marijuana is better than what?

Marijuana is always better than alcohol and cigarette smoking.

Does smoking marijuana worsen copd?

Of course-it's worse than cigarettes although you probably smoke less

How this difference makes marijuana potentially more dangerous than cigarette smoking?

The only way marijuana is worse than cigarettes is that it contains more tar than some cigarettes however cigarettes are more dangerous because of the additives in them

Is smoking marijuana better or worse than smoking cigarettes?

Smoking one joint is like smoking 3-5 cigarettes, because the tar is inhaled unfiltered, and marijuana smokers tend to hold smoke in for much longer than cigarette smokers. Although you can negate this effect by smoking out of a water pipe or vaporizer and there are no harmful carcinogenics.

Secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Secondhand smoking means the passive smoking and passive smoking is worse even than smoking cigarettes.

How long does it take for a person smoking marijuana to give you cancer?

Smoking marijuana doesn't give you cancer any faster than smoking cigarettes.

How bad are cigarettes compared to marijuana?

"Marijuana is much worse than cigarettes. In fact, smoking just one joint of Marijuana has the same effects on your body as smoking a whole pack of cigarettes." this is the biggest lie ever. marijuana at a specific amount contains about 33% of the harmful chemicals as tabaco , and these chemicals are soluable unlike the tar from tabaco . the THC chemical in marijuana contains no toxins wat so ever. cigarettes are worse, to answer your question, and there has bin no evidence of anyone dying from the actual use of marijuana, an average of 75 people a year die while "high" on marijuana, but ther is no certain connection between marijuana and the deaths

Are electric cigarettes worse than real cigarettes?

I can breath better while smoking the E-Cigs

What is worse smoking pot or snorting cocaine?

Snorting cocaine is significantly worse than smoking marijuana. If you do your research smoking marijuana over the age of 25 causes very little harm.

What kills you faster smoking weed or smoking cigarettes?

Generally speaking, smoking tobacco cigarettes will kill you faster. Although much controvery still surrounds the safety of smoking tobacco cigarettes vs marijuana, people who smoke tobacco cigarettes generally smoke ALOT more than people who smoke marijuana (few people smoke 20 joints or bowls a day, but MANY people smoke 20 cigarettes a day). This factor alone makes smoking tobacco cigarettes MUCH more hazardous than smoking marijuana.

Is smoking cigarettes or cigars worse for you?

Cigarettes are probably worse for you, because you're likely to smoke far more cigarettes than actual cigars. But neither is healthy.

Which is worse marijiana or cigarettes?

Cigarettes have much more harmful chemicals than marijuana but you hold marijuana smoke in your lungs longer than cigarettes, which is why it is also bad. I think cigarettes are worse.