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smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

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Q: Is smoking better then smoking weed?
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What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

How do you get your girlfriend to understand me smoking weed?

It is quite reasonable of her to not appreciate you smoking weed. If you are not prepared to stop something like that for her, you are better off not being together.

Is smoking tie weed bad for you?

its better than drinking alcohol i think.

What is the punishment for smoking pot smoking in public smoking weed?

if its the first time u got caught and you are under 18 they ussually let u off with a warning or they put you on probationNot really if you get smoking weed or better yet it depends on how much weed you have to base on what your charge really is going to be.

Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

Is smoking weed when you have a concussion bad?

I'm guessing no one knows, but that you'd be nuts to do it. Your brain is hurt. Let it heal.

What is the recipe for getting high on nutmeg by smoking it?

You don't get high from smoking it. It doesn't work, and ingesting it doesn't do much either. Your better off smoking some weed

Does smoking weed make you get purple lips Why?

Not usually. Could be an allergic reaction. Better be careful.

Is smoking weed and drinking alchol bad for you?

Drinking alcohol, yes. Smoking weed, no.

Is eating marijuana worse than smoking it?

Smoking marijuana is worse than eating it for various reasons. When smoking, you are inhaling smoke which we all should know is terrible for our lungs. You're still probably questioning. Trust me, chewing weed is better for you then smoking. I'm not encouraging you to smoke weed or chew weed-they are both bad for you-just giving you a choice.

Weed smoking is bad for health?

Weed is actually healthy for you, google the benefits

Is smoking marijuana once a week bad?

The single reason smoking weed is unhealthy is the smoke you inhale from the paper. The better alternative is a vaporizer or a bong.