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Do everything you can do to get your mind off of it. Do a hobie of yours everyday in place of smoking weed.

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Q: How do you get help from stop smoking weed?
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What are resources that can help one who is trying to stop smoking weed?

There are several different resources that you might find to help you stop smoking weed. There are Inpatient Facilities to go to for help or there are Support Groups that will help. A Therapist could also help you or a Psychiatrist for pharmacological help to get past the withdrawals.

How do you get ready for a saliva drug test for weed?

You stop smoking weed.

Me and my boyfriend have been smoking weed for about 5 years and now we are trying to have a baby but it just wont happen if we stop smoking weed and cigarettes will that help some?

I think the following story will help you i might weed lowers your sperm count

Can you be corrected?

Yes , if you stop smoking weed !! If not , you must see a doctor .. Poor man , He will help you , im sure !!

How do you quit smoking weed while pregnant?

you stop smoking it :L from cammy

Jump ultimate stars?

Stop smoking weed

When did Obama stop smoking weed?

last year

How can we help people stop smoking weed?

If you would like to raise awareness of the dangers of using cannabis and to help people quit smoking weed, then why not volunteer at your local youth project. Alternatively, you could contact your nearest drug rehabilitation charity and offer to volunteer.

How can you stop smoking crack?

Just stop smoking it. It's really that easy - weed is not chemically addictive.

Will memory improve if you stop smoking weed?

Yes. What were we talking about?

What should you do to graduate high school?

Stop smoking weed.

Is smoking weed daily an addiction?

No because weed in non addicting and you can stop cold turkey unlike trying to get off heroine which you cant stop cold turkey because you have the need to want it always until you get help