Is second hand smoke of marijuana bad?

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Q: Is second hand smoke of marijuana bad?
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Related questions

Is second hand marijuana smoke harmful to pregnant women?

I dont believe second hand Marijuana does anything bad to the baby when you are pregnant. Second hand smoke from Tobacco is infinitely worse for you than second hand Marijuana.

Is marijuana second hand smoke bad?

Yes. Any kind of smoke inhalation can be a health hazard.

Is second hand smoke from marijuana harmful to infants?

It's not as bad as second hand smoke from cigarettes, but it's still pretty unhealthy, especially for an infant.

Is second hand smoking marijuana dangerous to babies?

Yes, smoke of ANY flavor is bad for babies.

Is second hand marijuana smoke harmful to childrenp?

Yes... Any second hand smoke or smoke in it's own is harmful to a child... NOT just marijuana smoke but any type if smoke at all can cause breathing difficulties, asthma, pneumonia, respiratory problems and so on... Frequent exposure will most likely cause at least one of these issues... Tobacco smoke is very bad, (even second hand mixed with marijuana) not only can it cause one of the above problems, but can also cause cancer, heart disease, stroke and so on...

Is it bad to smoke marijuana while drinking medication?

It is very bad to smoke marijuana. You shouldn't smoke marijuana in the first place.

If I haven't smoke marijuana in the last few months but may have inhaled second hand smoke will it show up in a hair test?

Possibly yes. My advice is to never NEVER use drugs or smoke. If you knew the bad and terrible stuff that marijuana can do to you then I would recomend for you not to use marijuana. I shouldn't even explain to you how bad marijuana can do to you or possibly....kill you.....A standard hair test goes back 90 days, but they can go back longer. It is possible for second hand smoke, either because you inhaled or because it got absorbed into the hair, to cause a positive result.

Is second hand smoke bad?

yes it is very bad for you and can make you sick

Is second had smoke from cigars bad for you?

Yes. Second hand smoke is just as deadly as smoking the cigar yourself.

Is second hand smoke from marijuana bad for people who already have lung disease?

No, there are no known side affects from marijuana. Its nothing like cigarette smoke. And no long term health problems have been proven orfound in scientific studies. Perfectly safe. But illegal.

Is second hand smoking bad for a pregnant woman?

yes 2nd hand smoke is very bad for pregnant woman and the unborn baby... and for the record 2nd hand smoke is bad for everyone...

Is it bad for little kids to smoke?

Of course it is. Even second hand smoke can cause health problems.

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