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I think that you're gay either way. But nipples are hella worse.

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Q: Is rubbing a man's nipples more gay than touching a man's ass?
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Kissing leads to touching. Touching leads to rubbing. Rubbing leads to blowing. blowing leads to more rubbing and eventually humping and regret.

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if your reading this and touching the mouse your touching my testicles and your rubbing them hard as

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The mans nipple is a bit sensitive , but the lady will have a far more sensitive nipple.

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The start of puberty can make your nipples more sensitive, or you could be pregnant! Since this is the "Cooking Poultry" section I recommend rubbing some schmaltz on them.

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Let her get on top. Spread her labia so that her clitoris is touching under your belly. Also use lube, preferably something that enhances the feeling like K&Y, and it always helps to shave. You have to keep in mind that you aren't actually stimulating her much with your penis, its your pelvis. Try stimulating her nipples, and kiss more. scratching, rubbing, and kissing are all pluses.

If you touch a mans dick does he wake up?

It depends on how deeply he is sleeping and how hard you touch it. Generally it wouldn't wake him up more so than touching him anywhere else on his body.

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You can squeeze and pinch your nipples and they will become more erect.

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i personally like brown nipples they are more appealing (they turn me on) but you have to be tan.