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Not only in the early stage. I would say we are more gassy then normal during the entire pregnancy and it's also impossible to hold them in after awhile. You just have to look at it as one of the little less charming effects of pregnancy. And watch over your diet.

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Q: Is really foul smelling gas common during early pregnancy?
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Is it common to have heartburn or acid indigestion during pregnancy and after pregnancy equals?

I think so,you could also get really bad gas.

Why would you have extra saliva during pregnancy?

No-one really knows but it is very common. Sometimes accompanied by a metallic taste. Not very pleasant I am afraid.

When does a bellybutton pop during pregnancy?

Your bellybutton pops out when your abdomen is really stretch into the fullest or in your last months of pregnancy.

Why to avoid smoke during pregnancy?

It's really bad for the kids health!

Is it common to urinate during sex?

no not really

Can you not show a bump when your pregnant?

If you are really fat you will not show a bump during pregnancy. It is harder to see a bump on a woman who is already fat. You should eat healthy during your pregnancy.

Is abdomen pain during 1st week of pregnancy common?

yes it is common its just the way that the body is changing after having menstrual cycles. as long as you do not have bleeding that is heavy or like really bad cramping that wants to make you push.

What teas are safe during first trimester pregnancy?

You do not really want to drink tea during pregnancy because it has a very high caffeine content. Try finding a decaffeinated tea.

What causes really foul smelling gas?

the chemicals in it

Do areola change color during pregnancy?

It does change in later stages of pregnancy. But not sure if it really starts in the first 2-4 weeks. - ASY

How do you know if scones are cooked?

When they are really really brown. Kidding!WHEN YOU START SMELLING A REALLY Good aroma

What does bacteria change milk into?

Really discusting smelling milk

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