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I am not sure if they have this brand of pregnancy tests in Australia, but in America According to the ClearBlue pregnancy test accuracy results they are: 4 days before expected period= 51% accurate

3 days before expected period= 82% accurate

2 days before expected period= 90% accurate

1 day before expected period =95% accurate

the day of expected period =99% accurate

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โˆ™ 2009-02-10 22:37:46
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Q: I am from Australia and i was just wondering which pregnancy test you will suggest to take My period is due in 5 days is their any test i can have before i am due?
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You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

Can husband juge the pregnancy of his wife before the dates?

What you want to know is if he can suggest or guess the due date? We need more information to answer, thank you

Whats the maximum amount of days for the window you can have your period before wondering if you've gotten pregnant of not?

You can perform a urine pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after intercourse. You can perform a blood test to determine pregnancy 5-7 days after intercourse.

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Birth control is NOT instant and needs to be taken 30 days before it is protecting against pregnancy. I suggest before you have any further sex you take sex education, learn about prevention of pregnancy, and to realize that sex has responsibilities.

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This type of hypertension usually exists before pregnancy or may develop before week 20 of pregnancy.

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Can a home pregnancy test tell if you are pregnant 5-6 days before your period?

When you get pregnant your body produces a pregnancy hormone that the HPT picks up. That is how it knows your pregnant. In early pregnancy the hormone is not always strong enough to be detected, that is why they suggest you wait until you miss you period to take the HPT. That is not to say it won't detect it, every pregnancy is different. If you want to know before you miss your period you should go to a doctor.

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